Borum Law Firm | DIVORCE
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Family law cases can be emotionally charged and complex, few events in life are as painful, disruptive and emotionally traumatic as a divorce. Emotional tensions can form even among the most cooperative couples. Divorcing couples who have children or sizable assets are particularly prone to emotional stress.

At Borum Law Firm, we’re familiar with the emotional issues arising from divorce, we understand the psychological strain divorces can cause leading to delays, counterproductive demands, and increased legal fees. Managing your present emotional, legal and financial needs while staying focused on the future is tough. Our attorneys are compassionate and empathetic; and we understand every family law case is unique, with unique issues and circumstances. You can trust our attorneys are committed to finding a solution that is best for you and your family. Borum Law Firm will work amicably to resolve issues or fight aggressively when needed to protect your rights. It’s our goal to lead you through the legal system fully informed— and fully protected— every step of the way.


Divorce Litigation

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Complex Property Division

Spousal Support

Spousal Abuse

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