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At Borum Law Firm, we understand the care of your child is your number one priority as a parent.  We are experienced with handling child custody and visitation rights for mothers, fathers and grandparents. We will help our clients protect and do what’s right for his or her child by managing the emotional and financial strains of child custody litigation with sound–reasonable advice and legal guidance. Our goal is to help our clients build a foundation for a stable and positive environment for the child and resume normal lives as soon as possible. If you’re considering a divorce and have children, seeking legal council as soon as possible can help minimize the impact the divorce has on your family. Borum Law Firm will help create a unique plan specifically tailored to your family’s  individual needs,  and then will lead you through the legal system fully informed— and fully protected— every step of the way.


At Borum Law Firm, we believe all parents understand the importance of supporting their children; parents have a legal obligation to provide support until their child graduates from high school or turns 18 years-of-age, whichever comes first. Parents facing divorce, and especially parents with sizable assets discover determining the appropriate amount of child support often leads to disputes. Our goal at Borum Law Firm is to identify the financial needs of the child and then advocate in the child’s best interest.

The State of Texas provides charts and formulas to determine how much child support a parent is required to pay. Child support can be determined by multiplying your gross monthly income (after some deductions) by 20 percent (for one child) and if you have more than one child, the percentage changes to 25, 30 and 35, respectively. However, the formula is not exact. Borum Law Firm can assist in determining the amount of financial support needed for your children based on factors such as employment, medical health, marital status, geographical location and travel for possession periods. In addition, our lawyers have extensive experience handling child support enforcement and child support modification issues. If you would like to discuss child support, what you will be required to pay or what your entitled to receive, call our office for a consultation.


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